Yummy Kerala Fish Curry in a Can


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Kerala Fish Curry
Spicy, hot and tangy Kerala Fish Curry
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₹ 750.00
Goodness of coastal villages
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₹ 225.00
Canned Tuna White Meat Flakes In Extra Virgin Olive Oil 185g
₹ 220.00
Canned Tuna White Meat Chunks In Extra Virgin Olive Oil 185g
₹ 230.00
Canned Tuna Light Meat Flakes In Extra Virgin Olive Oil 185g
₹ 190.00
Canned Tuna Light Meat Chunks In Extra Virgin Olive Oil 185g
₹ 190.00
Canned Tuna Light Meat Flakes In Water 185g
₹ 150.00
Fried Masala Prawns 50gm
₹ 150.00
Ready to Eat Chakka Varatty / Jack Fruit Dessert 200g
₹ 190.00
Canned Tuna Light Meat Flakes In Mayo 185g
₹ 170.00
Kerala Crunchy Banana Chips 100g
₹ 70.00
Sold Out
Ready to Eat Fish Kappa Biriyani 250g
₹ 135.00

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From our customers


Tasty Nibbles products are absolutely amazing. The product comes handy and easy to use. No need to cleaning the fish and cutting which really takes a long time. I am definitely buying these products again.


The Chilly Tuna  and tuna in water was too good with regards to taste and quality.Overall Happy with packaging and prompt delivery of products. The sandwich spread tuna in mayo was good but preferred a mild spicy version.


Tuna in extra virgin olive oil - I loved it, no overpower of fishy smell. It's ready to eat and can save time in cooking.Sardine - Same like the other one with no overpower of fishy smell. Though it gets broken while adding in curries there were no harmful bones.


We love tasty nibbles! It’s such a convenient pantry item in our refrigerator and unparalleled freshness. Perfect for a quick lunch or dinner

Mumbai Foodie

One of my pantry staples to always keep on stock  for instant meals. I can make any quick side dish for rice or instant snacks in a matter of moments. Our family’s favourite is tuna sandwich. Must try if you love fish


Canned Tuna makes snacking on my work from home weekdays super easy! Whether it’s sandwich, salad or a wrap, this works for all recipes and is quite filling. Its straightforward to use, just open the can, drain and use! The flaked tuna is clean, no added preservatives or chemicals. It’s delicious and makes life simple!



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